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I am presently working on the sequel  "A Jaunt in Italy"   Book Two.

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A Jaunt in Italy

Book One: Setting up House.

The magic of the journey - is the inner journey. 

A N Stuart grew up in small town New Zealand. Becoming an artist or writer was not given as an option for making ones way in life.  Consequently for her, life has been a varied and interesting series of setting up and selling businesses and renovating houses with her husband. This has led to her having a good grounding in many aspects of life, able to turn her hand to most things. 

So the challenge of moving to Italy to set up her artist studio and small galleria came with excitement and gusto for a new way of life. The life of an artist. Living and working in Italy....a dream come true.


By an unusual twist of fate, the Florence Biennale Committee invited me to exhibit my art at this prestigious International Art Exhibition. The first email they sent me, I assumed it was a Nigerian scam and promptly deleted it! Six weeks later I received another. This time I investigated further and sure enough, it was kosher. God knows, I never considered myself a real artist. Just a bit of a dabbler. I'd made a couple of small collages and loaded the images onto an obscure website. The committee spotted them among the thousands of art images on the Internet. 

That year the Committee chose around 7 or 8 artists from New Zealand and a total of 850 artists world wide. 

It was this chapter of events that has instigated the whole Italian campaign, apart from the fact that I've always had a restless yearning for an adventure in Europe. The timing was right. 
While I'm there, maybe, I'll look at houses for sale in the region....

Some before and after images from Book One. 

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A N Stuart

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